Richard A. Evans

Bandera County Judge   

          Commissioner Bob Grimes                Commissioner Bobby Harris

                Pct. No. 1                             Pct. No. 2


       Commissioner Andy Wilkerson, Sr.          Commissioner Jody Rutherford

              Pct. No. 3                               Pct. No. 4


                Billie Reeves                         Christina Moeller

          Bandera County Treasurer                 Bandera County Auditor

              Candy Wheeler                           Dan Butts

           Bandera County Clerk                   Bandera County Sheriff

2014/15 - Bandera County Historical Commission



                Roy Dugosh                       Elenora Dugosh Goodley

       Historical Commission Chairman            Co-Chairman - Website Editor






The Bandera County Historical Commission Logo was designed by Bandera County Commissioner Doug King, commissioner of Precinct 4 .  The Logo was adopted by the Bandera County Historical Commission on May 7, 2009 at 4:00 P.M. at the Lakehills Library and Community  Association located on FM  7200 in Lakehills, Texas.
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Bandera County Court House - Covered Wagons in 1896

1926 Historic Bandera Pass - United States Cavalry 

1909 - Main Street in the town of Bandera

Photo taken from the Tower of County Court House. 

Bandera County Court House 1868 - 1877

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Historian Editor

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Bandera City Council

Andy Wilkerson, Sr.


County Commissioners Court