No. 1
The Spettel House of Median Lake, Texas.

John B. Spettel, Jr. (1853-1909), through partnerships with Jacob Koenig, his brother Joseph Spettel and his brother-in-law Louis Schorp, became a successful area cattleman. By 1881 he and his bride Theresa Leibold (1854-1941) were living in this home a mile south of Mitchell's Crossing on the Medina River, now under the waters of Medina Lake. Featuring elaborate ornamentation, the Spettel Riverside House became a popular stop for travelers on the road between Castroville and Bandera. Following completion of the Medina Dam in 1912, it was moved to this site. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1981.
(Information written on Historical Marker)

The Medina Lake Preservation Society in Micro, Texas welcomes your  support and donations to help restore the “Spettel Riverside House”.    It is in danger of being dismantled and destroyed.  If you are interested in helping, please contact us by going to the “Contact Page” .

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No. 3

1881 Bandera County Old Jail 

Designed by noted English architect, Alfred Giles, who designed a lot of Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas.

Recorded Texas Historical Landmark.

Listed on the National Historical Register.

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No. 2

1865 Old Courthouse.

First Bandera County Rock Court

Built by Henry White as a store. Purchased by the county in 1877 and used as a Courthouse until 1890.  Recorded Texas Historical Landmark.

Listed on National Historical Register.

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